HAN Automotive Conducts Test Programme for Cargo Bikes


Commissioned by Connekt / Top Sector Logistics Netherlands, HAN-Automotive in Arnhem is conducting an extensive and independent experimental research into a number of aspects of Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) category cargo bikes.


The research project at HAN Automotive is lead by Gholam Farman. This research focuses on the types of cargo bikes that are already available on the consumer market. The most common cargo bike category on the consumer market is the type of cargo bike that is partly electrically supported with maximum continuous electric motor power of 250W. Regulation wise in Europe, this category of cargo bikes must fullfill requirements described in EN 15194:2017 (EPAC). Only this category of cargo bikes, with a load capacity from 100kg to 300kg, is going to be a matter of research in this study.


This experimental research covers four different aspects of cargo bikes such as: Braking performance, Stability / Controllability, Battery range, Technical assessment of the cargo bikes. Every research aspect mentioned above is investigated by means of one or more tests. Cargo bikes from A.N.T. / ZEG, Nijland Cycling, XCYC, Velove Bikes, Urban Arrow, Douze Cycles and Centaur Cargo participate in the tests at HAN Automotive.


You will find the complete Test Proposal here: Test_proposal_Cargo_bike_project_Connekt